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Reducing pain for patients. Economic and efficient for practitioners.

Bifurcated Venous Access Device

Our patented dual lumen IV catheter greatly eliminates the need for painful lancets and vein punctures associated with frequent blood draws. By reducing time for nurses and decreasing disposable equipment use, the BVAD is more cost efficient than current alternatives.

When comparing daily blood draws over a 5 day period, with a diabetic patient receiving blood draws every other day, and blood sugar tests 4 times a day, the BVAD reduces occurrences of pain from 22, down to just 1.

LineGard Med SafeBreak™ Adaptor

The SafeBreak safety device offers universal protection against IV dislodgment while decreasing the overall cost of care.

Our device creates a sealed liquid connection between the patients IV site and the IV tubing. Current securement devices only rely on adhesives to prevent dislodgment, while the SafeBreak creates a necessary separation of the IV line when subjected to a certain threshold of tension. Patients who have altered mental statuses as a result of their age, diagnosis, or medications are prone to accidentally dislodge their IV sites. We solve that problem with our patient centered safety device.

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When co-founder Spencer Jones, then 23, was in nursing school at the University of Arkansas, he was asked at his job to draw blood on a patient. They had an IV site, and he said, "Can I stop the infusion and pull blood?" They said no.

Jones thought that was silly. "We've got DaVinci [surgical] robots and we can't create a peripheral IV catheter that allows both infusions and blood draws?" Thus, the concept for the BVAD was born and Jones Innovative Medical Solutions, Inc. was founded.

The company now boasts two innovative medical inventions, a win at the Ark Challenge demo day which awarded $150,000 in funding, and completion of it's second accelarator, ZeroTo510 in Memphis.

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Spencer Jones

CEO & Co-Founder

As a Registered Nurse, Spencer saw first hand the growing inefficiencies in the hospital setting. With a passion for innovation he left the clinical setting determined to make a change. In 2014, Spencer won the annual ARK Challenge with the BVAD, which focuses on painless and uncontaminated blood draws. Spencer utilized his resources to pursue another area of improvement, which led to the birth of the SafeBreak device.

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David DePoyster


David DePoyster is an entrepreneur with 21 years experience in medical company sales and development. David is an adjunct instructor for the University of Central Arkansas and has written a textbook on medical sales published by The University Press. He owns MedSource, Inc. a medical venture development company with a portfolio of companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, surgical implants, OEM products, EMR systems. David also owns Multiline Medical, LLC which distributes and consults for medical companies with an emphasis in orthopedics, neuro, pain management and podiatry.

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